Office Procedural Changes amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Pediatric Healthcare Office Update- April 2, 2020

Dear Pediatric Healthcare Family,

Please know that in the midst of all the changes our society is experiencing with the COVID outbreak, we are here for you. We want to update you on changes in our office procedures. With the increase in COVID-19 cases in Montgomery, we are increasing our screening of patients, as well as instituting changes to maximize the safety of patients and staff while at the office.

Reduced Hours: We have temporarily changed our closing time from 4:30 to 3:30 pm. However, one of us is always on-call if you need us after hours.

Screening at Check-in: When you come to our office in the morning (Well Visit) or afternoon (Sick Visit), you will need to stop at the desk just outside our front door for screening.

All Visits: In compliance with CDC recommendations and to avoid unnecessary exposure, please limit the adults accompanying the patient to one, and avoid bring siblings to the visit, if possible. Also, we discourage grandparents from attending.

Well Visits: We are only seeing well children in the morning. All individuals are screened at the door for illness. If your child develops fever on the morning of the check-up, call our office to reschedule for a sick visit.

Sick Visits: We only see children with illness in the afternoon. These visits have been spaced on the schedule such that you will have minimal to no waiting time. After you check in at the screening table out front, please return to your car to be called when the room is ready.

Triage of Children with Symptoms of COVID-19: All children with symptoms suspicious of a COVID infection will be processed differently from other sick patients. They will enter through a door in the rear of the building, examined in a room set apart for these patients, and then led out of the building via the back door.

Telemedicine: While we know that the highest quality medicine is delivered in person with our patients, we are temporarily making available Telemedicine visits over the phone or on mobile devices for patients with appropriate medical conditions. It will be a formal visit where the provider makes an entry in child’s chart and a charge is filed with the insurance company. Treatment will be determined by the provider, which may include prescribing medications or requiring that your child be seen at the office.

Some have heard in the media, “If you child is sick, don’t go to the doctor.” This is incorrect. The best advice is to stay home if you or your child have mild symptoms of illness. If you feel your child is sick enough to need medical attention, call our office for advice. This allows us to screen patients over the phone and give you the best advice. If we feel your child needs medical attention, we will offer an appointment to be seen in our office.

Finally, please be compliant with all the recommendations of social distancing and isolation. This period will end soon. But, please know we are here for you if needed.