Important Announcement

February 9, 2021

To Pediatric Healthcare Families,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Dr. Jeffrey Simon will be leaving Pediatric Healthcare as he continues seeking treatment for his autoimmune condition.  Dr. Simon will be greatly missed by our staff and the many families under his care at Pediatric Healthcare. We ask that you remain in prayer for him and his family as he hopes to return to the practice of medicine one day.  Dr. Simon’s letter to his patients is posted below.

We, the providers at Pediatric Healthcare, will continue to provide the same quality care that we have in Dr. Simon’s absence. Our nurse practitioner, Brandi Criswell, has been managing Dr. Simon’s practice during this time and will continue to do so.  Brandi has been a wonderful addition to Pediatric Healthcare in her care of patients from newborn through adolescence.

We are optimistic about the future of Pediatric Healthcare as we will be adding one or two pediatricians to our staff this summer.   Thank you for your patience, and we pledge to continue the highest of quality care to your family with a personal touch.  Feel free to contact us at the office if you have any questions.


The Providers at Pediatric Healthcare


January 25, 2021

Dear Pediatric Healthcare Family,

I hope you all were able to have a joyous Christmas in the celebration of the Christ Child as well as the start of the New Year.  Our family had a wonderful and peaceful time together which will be forever remembered.

Most of you know that I have been battling an illness of sorts.  I have traveled through several states and have received a multitude of different therapies.  Along this winding road, we have been blessed with Christian fellowship in places unexpected.  From the tips of the state of Washington to the heat of Central Texas and into wooded Tennessee God has been present and comforted all the way.  I would love to list every person by name and how they affected my life.  This honor also goes to you who have spent hours of prayer and service to my family and me.  My gratitude overflows, I better understand what is meant by the phrase “peace that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7).  God bless you all!

My hope is to return to practicing medicine as early as possible in whatever form it may appear.  This day is still in the unforeseeable future.  I am following my providers’ instructions and therapies to make this all possible.  Each provider believes this is possible and this brings great hope.  I have also extended my education in ways unexpected; do not worry, I am not wasting away.

I am grateful to my partners, our office staff and especially you, my patients, for bearing with me through these many months of illness and absence. Because the day of my return is so uncertain, however, I must resign from Pediatric Healthcare at this time.   I am going to use this time to continue to heal and to return in the practice of medicine in some sort or fashion.

You bless me.  You arise in my memories and dreams in so many ways.  Take care, be strong (these children are our future), and keep your eyes on Jesus.

With love,

Dr. Jeffrey Simon