Patient Info

Pediatric Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality comprehensive care to infants, children, and adolescents in a compassionate manner, and to assisting parents in the endeavor of rearing their children to reach their optimal physical, emotional and spiritual development.


During our regular hours, we see children by appointment. Well child health supervision visits should be scheduled one month in advance, if possible, to insure a selection of convenient appointment times. Please call between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for easier telephone access. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please call and cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance, so that we may offer the time to another child.

Sickness cannot generally be anticipated; therefore we reserve a number of appointments each day for sick children. If your child is ill, please call us early in the day so that we can give your child prompt attention. Our commitment is to see your acutely ill child the day you call. At times this will necessitate some waiting or a late appointment time, but we believe evaluating your child is important for your child’s health and your peace of mind.

Your appointment will be with your primary doctor whenever possible and always at health supervision visits. At times, if your primary doctor is out of the office, or has a filled appointment schedule, you may be asked to see one of the other pediatricians in our group. We practice medicine in a closely compatible manner; therefore the care of your child will be consistent.

Prenatal Visits

We offer prenatal visits for expectant parents who have an interest in our practice. This appointment gives you an opportunity to meet the physician and tour our office. We usually schedule these visits Monday through Friday at 1:15 PM with the physician of your choice. We encourage you to bring your list of questions for the doctor. This visit is not required for enrollment in our practice, but is available at no charge.

Checkups (Well Child Visits)

Health supervision visits are important for maintaining good health and for detection and prevention of illness and developmental problems. Immunizations will be given at appropriate visits according to a schedule approved by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. We recommend well child visits at the ages listed in the chart below:

View immunization schedule here.

Payment & Insurance

Methods of payment – In order to keep our expenses low and minimize fee increases, we request payment at the time of your visit. Cash, check, VISA, MasterCard or Discover are acceptable. Exceptions to the general rule include hospital care and certain types of emergency care, for which we will bill you.

As a service and convenience to you, we will file directly with your health insurer for office visits, lab services, and hospitalization charges if you provide us with the necessary policy information.

We will allow up to 45 days for insurance company payment, after which any unpaid balance will become due and payable by you. We will gladly provide you any additional information needed in order to receive payment or have a claim processed with your insurer.