Cell Phones and Calming Children

It is so tempting to give your restless or angry toddler your phone to calm him. We understand! But recent research indicates that doing so may make matters worse. Looking at toddlers, ages 3 to 5 years, researchers found increased emotional outbursts and poorer self-control in children whose parents commonly used cell phones to distract or calm them. It makes sense: Cell phone distracting robs your child of opportunities to learn emotional regulation and patience.

The take-home message: Parents, keep your phone out of sight (in your purse or pocket) and don’t give in to the easy fix. Help your toddler learn self-control with creative alternatives, like coloring books, cars, dolls, and books to read.

Read more about it on page 52 of Dr. Trumbull’s book, Loving by Leading.

The research: https://t.ly/oNzYb